How to Grow Citrus

Everytime the same problem!
Citrus are so beautiful, fragrant and delicious,
Everytime i use to dream about picking my own lemons from my own plant.
I dreamed a lot about making my homemade marmalade, my homemade lemonade, mhh what a flavour!

but there’s a problem:

I’m not able to grow Citrus, it’s so difficult! I’m a disaster!

How to grow Citrus plants?
In this little article i’m going to clarify the main important steps!

Here the main steps

LIGHT (Citrus needs as much light as you have: so full sunlight or half-shade is a good choice!)

FERTILIZER (Fertilizer has to be well balanced in nutrients. NPK are the best ones, it doesn’t matter if liquid, or granular. Find out here something more about fertilizers. )

WINTER (We know Winter is one of the most scary moments for you guys, but don’t worry. If temperature is up to 0 degrees there’s no problem to worry about. If it goes under 0, then you need to cover your plant with a special tissue, a blacket at night or a greenhouse if you can!

If you’d like to find out our secret to save your plants during Winter time, click here! )

WATER (Citrus don’t like water stagnations at all! )

SUBSTRATE (The best substrate is composed of Peat, pumice and common soil).

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