Variegated Pink Fleshed Eureka Lemon (Citrus limon foliis variegatis)

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Variegated Pink Fleshed Eureka Lemon (Citrus limon foliis variegatis) is one of the most particular and interesting Lemon variety of our collection.


We still don’t know its origin, but we know it Originated in a home garden as a sport of the conventional Eureka lemon.


-Tree features: Plant is compact in shape, medium in vigour and size. Branches can be a little bit thorny sometimes.
-Leaves: Leaves are extremely beautiful: you can see those amazing variegated colours, from green to yellow, in different ways.


-Shape: Fruit is a classic lemon in shape and size.
-Flavour: Skin is kinda aromatic, pulp is rich in juice and usually seedless.
-Colour: Fruit has typical variegated stripes when not fully ripened, then it becomes yellow to deep yellow, according to the harvesting time.
Pulp is unique: it’s bright pink in colour, that’s why this fruit is also called ” Pink Lemonade”.


Season of ripeness: This is a 4 season variety. Plants can produce fruits every time of the year!
It usually starts to bloom during Spring time, them it can continue during Summer and Autumn also!


-In the Kitchen: Variegated Pink Fleshed Eureka Lemon can be used just like a classic lemon in the kitchen.
You can use the juice, to marinate fish and meat. You can zest or cut the skin to be candied too!
Marmalades, cakes, desserts, ice creams, teas can be exceptionally made with this fruit.
-Ornamental: For its colour, this is one of the most beautiful ornamental Citrus variety in our greenhouse.


According to our tests, in the Greenhouse, or in a covered area, it can resist to a temperature of -6°C.

This variety needs to be maintained like a normal Lemon.

If you’d like to find out about how to maintain citrus, you can follow us on YouTube




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