Kaffir Lime or Combawa (Citrus hystrix)

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Kaffir Lime or Combawa (Citrus hystrix) is one of the most particular and unique lime variety of our collection.
also called kafir lime, caffre lime, kieffer lime, kuffre lime, makrut, magrood, lima, leech-lime in different parts of the world. 


It seems to originate from South-Eastern Asia, but it’s been highly grown in India, and other parts of the World.
East Indian Archipelago, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Peninsula, Philippines; widely naturalized, native habitat uncertain.


-Tree features: Plant is particular in shape. You can see those big branches growing lateral, up and down.
Sometimes little thorns can be found too.
-Leaves: Leaves are unique: they are usually bilobate, dark-green in colour and extremely fragrant.


-Shape: Fruit is a little-medium rough lime, usually round to slightly pear-shaped at the petiol.
-Flavour: Aroma is amazing. Skin is very rich in essential oils, juice very strong in aroma, trust me, once you tried it, you’ll never forget it.
-Colour: It is green at first, then it becomes slightly yellow outside.
Pulp is usually light green in colour.


Season of ripeness: Plants usually start to produce during Autumn, however fruit can be seen in other seasons too.
It usually starts to bloom during Spring time. Flowers are white-purplish, and very intense in aroma.


-In the Kitchen: Kaffir Lime is a king of the Asian cuisine.
Leaves are highly used to prepare different kind of particular Thai, philippine, Indian and Indonesian recipes.
Fruit is amazing in aroma, you can zest some skin to give your dish an impressing flavour.
-Ornamental: It’s a nice looking ornamental plant for its bilobate leave and its shape.


According to our tests, in the Greenhouse, or in a covered area, it can resist to a temperature of -5°C.

This variety needs to be maintained like a normal Lemon.

If you’d like to find out about how to maintain citrus, you can follow us on YouTube




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