Variegated Buddha’s Hand Citron (Citrus medica digitata foliis variegatis)

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Variegated Buddha’s Hand Citron (Citrus medica digitata foliis variegatis) is a unique Citrus variety of our collection.


Buddha’s hand Citron, also called “Fingered Citron” comes from Asia (Indochina).
it derives from an ancient mutation found on a classic Citron, used to reproduce this amazing variey.


-Tree features: Plant is medium in vigour, with long branches which tend to lignify quickly. Sometimes thorns can be found too.
-Leaves: Leaves, as the name suggest, are variegated in colour (green, and 2 different yellows), lanceolate to round-shaped, medium in size.


-Shape: Fruit is impressive!
it resembles a human hand, with more or less opened finger depending on growht.
Its unique shape makes it an amazing rarity in Citrus varieties.
-Flavour: There’s no juice inside, everything is composed of a big albedo (white skin), which is actually so intense in aroma, and delicious to eat.
-Colour: Fruit is variegated when young, then it becomes light yellow in colour.


Season of ripeness: It starts to produce fruits from Winter to Spring, according to the flowering time.
It usually starts to bloom during Spring time, but it’s a 4 season fruiting variety.


-In the Kitchen: Variegated Buddha’s Hand Citron can be highly used in the kitchen, to make amazing and particular recipes.
Fruit can be used to be candied (delicious) or zested to give fish and meat a fantastic refreshing flavour.
You can also use it to make liquors, sauces, cakes, and delicious salads!
-Ornamental: For its shape and its amazing colour, it’s one of the most beautiful ornamental Citrus variety.


According to our tests, in the Greenhouse, or in a covered area, it can resist to a temperature of -3°C.

This variety needs to be maintained like a normal Lemon.

If you’d like to find out about how to maintain citrus, you can follow us on YouTube





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