Dekopon (Kiyomi Tangor x Ponkan Mandarin)

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Dekopon  is a special and unique Citrus variety of our collection.
It’s a hybrid between a Kiyomi Tangor (Citrus unshiu “Wase” x Citrus sinensis) and a Ponkan Mandarin. 


It comes from Japan, more specifically from “Ehime” prefecture.
Nowadays it’s higly grown all over the World, especially Asian regions, like South Corea, China, of course Japan, but also in the US.


-Tree features: This plant has usually a medium vigour, so it’s like a mix between an Orange and a Mandarin.
-Leaves: Leaves are usually light green in colour, small to medium in size, slightly lanceolate in shape.


-Shape: The fruit is round to slightly oblate in shape, usually medium in size, with the iconic long petiol at the top of it
-Flavour: Dekopon has a unique exceptional flavour: deep and so juicy inside, but at the same time it’s fleshy and crunchy! Due to its very low acid content and its very sweet juice, it’s considered to be one of the best high quality Citrus to be consumed in Asia!
-Colour: Orange to deep orange according to the harvesting time.


Season of ripeness: It usually starts to ripen from January to mid Spring about.
It usually starts to bloom during Spring.


-In the Kitchen: The fruit can be used just like any other mandarin-tangerin-clementine. It’s amazing to be consumed in wedges, but also to make amazing juices, or also to be zested.
-Ornamental: For its productive tendency, and it’s nice green colour, it’s also considered to be a high value ornemantal variety.


According to our tests, in the Greenhouse, or in a covered area, it can resist to a temperature of -8°C but, considering the “parents” we are pretty sure it can be stronger!

This variety needs to be maintained like a normal Lemon.

If you’d like to find out about how to maintain citrus, you can follow us on YouTube




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